The craft beer and good times were flowing at GRD's summer craft beer festival America On Tap on Saturday! One of the many fantastic breweries at the fest just got some awesome recognition!

It's another win for Beer City USA! Grand Rapids' Founders Brewing Co. has been named the No. 1 craft brewery in the state by Thrillist!

The food, drink, and travel website says that sorting out the best brewery in each state isn't easy. Everyone has different tastes and one person's top brew could be another's "Um, no thank you."

So how did Thrillist decide which brewery wins out in each state?

"Obviously, making fantastic beer is a must (and that's happening in so many places these days, it's kind of becoming an extremely delicious problem)... Does size matter? To a degree. If two breweries are pretty damn close in quality and one is providing beer to MANY more people, that could tip the scales. That said, as you'll see, smallness and newness were by no means deal breakers, especially if you have people driving hours to wait in line for beers you can barely bottle before people snatch them up."


In Michigan, Founders stole the top spot! Thrillist acknowledges though that it was a particularly tough decision because of all the great breweries in Michigan!

While Bell's Brewery, Jolly Pumpkin, Dark Horse and Kuhnhenn all get props, Thrillist says:

"We’ve got to give it to Founders, whose Kentucky


Breakfast Stout has basically turned its release into a week-long holiday, and with All Day IPA being one of the best damn session beers a hop lover can still appreciate. The brewery has also brought Black Rye back from obscurity, and every year ups the profile of fruit beer with Rubaeus, a raspberry ale that manages to be sweet without cloying."

Go Founders!

Pretty sure their All Day IPA is what Free Beer, Hot Wings, Joe and I were sipping on in our game of Flippy Cup at America On Tap. Maybe that explains why we lost... We got distracted because Founders Beer is just too darn good!

So what do you think? Is Founders Brewing Co.  the best in the state or is there another Michigan brewery that's better?


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