The results are in and of the top ten states for Fortnite, Michigan is number 1.

Millions of people panicked when Fornite's black hole event had removed the game temporarily from the internet.

According to Twitter chatter, most people who were complaining about the Fortnite black out were from Michigan.

There is data that supports the Twitter chatter from Esports team at that supports Michigan as Fortnite's number 1 state.

The study that was done says Fortnite gamers are found mostly in the upper Midwest, Northeast and Southwest. Not much activity for those in the South.

Here is the rundown on when Fortnite went black: it all started around 2 p.m. Sunday October 13 when the black hole appeared on the island, pulling light, objects and players into the hole. The screen went black and stayed that way until Tuesday when the game rebooted as "Chapter 2," complete with new island, weapons and features.

Here is a list of the top ten states for Fortnite:

1. Michigan

2. Wisconsin

3. West Virginia

4. Delaware

5. Maine

6. Nevada

7. Arizona

8. New York

9. Ohio

10. Illinois

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