For a while, everyone was all about Johnny Manziel. He was a star at Texas A&M. But then, the douche side of him began to be seen as his visibility rose. Charging for autographs while still a college player, the excessive partying, the rumored drug use, the assault charges...the guy has always been a trainwreck of doucheness.

And he still thinks people should pay big bucks for his autograph. He's making an appearance in Houston during the Super Bowl, and the prices he's charging for his autograph are crazy.

$99 to sign something is the base price. If you want anything special written...up to four whole's an additonal $29. If you want a photo, it'll be $50 for a selfie. $99 for a "pro-shot" photo with him.

So let's see...your name on a football with his signature: $128, plus the selfie: $50. That's almost $200 for a football player who's not even PLAYING, after only two years with the Cleveland Browns! Heck, he didn't even make it two full years, since the Browns cut him only 22 months into his contract.

Why would you want to get an autograph from this douche-nugget, who punched his girlfriend in the face so hard he ruptured her eardrum? Allegedly.

He's such a letdown pro-football-wise, that the ads promoting his appearance only show A&M photos. Hell, even his agent dropped him, and they hold on to everyone they think could even potentially make them money, right? No one believes he has any interest in cleaning up his act, and this makes him untouchable by the NFL.

Which, considering his violent past, is perfectly okay with me.

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