The 100th Street Overpass finally got revenge on all the trucks hitting it by putting up a Facebook page. But that was SO yesterday.

Today it's about the poor, poor, pitiful and bridgeless 92nd Street in Gaines Township.Not to be outdone by its neighbor to the south, 92nd Street in Gaines Township has its own Facebook page. And it wishes it had an overpass, in fact it has some lofty plans to get one, so that it could be hit by trucks.

The 92nd Street Facebook page, aptly named 'ineedanoverpass' was put up shortly after the much maligned 100th Street Overpass put up one bemoaning its fate as being constantly hit by tall trucks.

The 92nd Street page has lofty plans to get its own overpass so it no longer dead ends on both sides of US 131. In fact, it wants its overpass to look like this:

He (She?) also talks trash about the 100th Street Overpass, posting this on its own page:

100th St. is a not a responsible overpass owner. He keeps causing damage to innocent trucks. If MDOT saw fit to give me an overpass, I would not harm a single truck.

And THIS as a comment under the 100th Street Bridge's profile picture:

Seriously dude....please quit bragging that you have an overpass....just imagine if you had dead-ends at the express way...

Not too be outdone, trucks are now represented by this page, 14' Semi, who threatened the 100th Street Bridge with this ominous threat:

Wow. Nice and fixed. It’d be a shame if something, ya know. Destroyed it.

It has become the Rodney Dangerfield of local roadways.

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