Today Ford announced that instead of spending billion of dollars building a new plant in Mexico for production, they're going to instead spend $700 Million right here in Michigan! The plant will expand it's manufacturing of electric and autonomous vehicles, and the money will be right here in Michigan.

Ford was attacked often by the President-Elect during the campaign, for moving jobs and money to foreign countries, and this move to cancel plans in Mexico is a great turnaround for the company.

It kind of doesn't matter if this makes Trump look good, since Michigan will be the beneficiary of the expansion. The stated reasoning behind the change is the change in "consumer demand from small cars to crossovers and SUVs", which lessened the need for expansion of the plant in Mexico.

See the story at for more information about the decision, and Ford's increased confidence in the future of the American exconomy.

All we know, is this is good news for Michigan!

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