A battle between two cellar dwellers, both of whom are starting backup quarterbacks has made the annual Thanksgiving game in Detroit the butt of NFL fans' jokes.

A tweet by the NFL to drum up excitement for a game between two also rans as become the target of derisive commentary, as fans who know the truth can't help but share it: this game may be close, but it will suck. Hard.

Comments left by fans after the tweet was posted Tuesday were cruel and is the kind of thing Lions fans are at least used to, while Bears fans are getting WAY too accustomed to.

The tweet seems to be promoting the fact that each team will be led by quarterbacks that you've either a) never hear of and b) wish you had never heard of.

Andy Dalton, who has failed miserably as a former starter for the Cincinnati Bengals, will step in for Justin Fields to lead the Bears. Last week, he almost led the Bears to victory, but a late touchdown toss was negated as the Bears gave up a last second touchdown to the Ravens to lose in an almost Lion-like way.

Tim Boyle, meanwhile, started for the first time in his pro career last week for the Lions, and woefully underachieved, as most Lions quarterbacks do.

There is a slight chance that Lions coach Dan Campbell will feel that an injured Jared Goff is better than a healthy Boyle, and start him instead, but that doesn't make the game any less sucky.

Go ahead and click on this tweet to see how fans are feeling about two crap teams wasting their afternoon.

Because nothing gets me more excited for football quite like an Andy Dalton and Jeff Goff battle


This is embarrassing! Do better NFL! The 3 home teams should be determine by a lottery draft on draft day so everyone have a chance.


I’d almost rather talk to my family.


Most depressing thanksgiving game ever. Final score, 0-0.


When do we start talking about dropping @Lions from Thanksgiving? When was the last time the Lions were serious about playing football?


Whoever runs NFL Twitter has their work cut out for them this week. Good Luck hyping this mess up.


I’d rather watch paint dry


I almost bought tickets to this shitshow thank God I chose not to because coming into this week I would’ve been pissed


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