In 1969, when I was 10 years old, we landed a man on the moon. So I thought for sure we'd have flying cars by now. This week a company called SureFly debuted their flying car at the International Auto Show in Detroit, and I am underwhelmed.

Henry Ford, the inventor of the car toyed around with th idead of a flying car when we tried to manufacture the Flying Flivver back in 1926. It failed spectacularly.

Now we have SureFly's Octocopter, a car/helicopter hybrid which is featured at this year's auto show.

Steve Burns, the CEO of SureFly dismisses critics who say its merely a small helicopter. He claims it can save you time and money, even with a $200,000 price tag.

“We’re thinking of it as a flying car, it’s super simple to fly,” Burns told the Detroit Free press, “by the time we get through our certifications, we expect to be able to prove that (it’s) safer to fly to a destination than to drive a car.”

Well, you could avoid potholes that much is for sure. But is it a Jetsons-level flying car? Hardly.

Is this the real deal, or another in a long line of impostors?

Burns is awaiting FAA approval to fly the Octocopter around American cities. in the meantime, I'll be waiting for the next level of flying car. One that prices in at about $40,000, which is all I can afford at this time.

In the meantime, check it out...

It sure ain't this:


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