Did you see Monday night on the Voice when Gwen and Blake both turned around for the singer from Flint?

As MLive reports, Brennen Henson, 20, sang Vance Joy’s “Riptide” during the blind auditions.  Both Gwen and Blake spun around, but Gwen did it almost immediately, while Blake waited until the last second.

Henson chose Gwen’s team which is only fair since one of her reasons for him joining her team over Blake’s was,

“My dad is from 8 mile in Detroit, so there you go, what’s up. There’s already a connection between us.”

According to MLive, Brennen is hoping to shed some positivity on Flint, a city that has been plagued in negative press since the water crisis,

“I think seeing that has taught me to not take things for granted. My hometown is so negatively reflected in the media, but with “The Voice,” I would love to bring a positive light to the city.”

That’s awesome.  I’m excited to see and cheer on Brennen this season!

Interestingly enough, Gwen has been PRO Michigan this season, as she already "turned around" for Elise Azkoul, who is originally from Grand Rapids although she now lives in Atlanta.

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