If you're from the Flint area, you probably know of this now abandoned high school in the area. The architecture is unmatched by many modern-day schools and is a sight to see.

While today, it is covered with graffiti, you can still see the beauty the building has to offer.

Abandoned Flint High School

There have been a few attempts to revive the aged building, however, those plans have only been discussed, and haven't seen the light of day.

Take a look below at the now abandoned high school in Flint.

Look Inside Of This Now Abandoned High School In Flint

Many attempts to revive the school have been discussed, but none have yet to happen. Take a look inside of this now abandoned high school in Flint, Michigan.
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Look At This Abandoned High School In Flint, Michigan

Take a look inside this now abandoned high school out of Flint, Michigan.

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