Well. You don't have to tell us that Michigan is far better than Ohio. Doesn't everyone know that?

Still, we appreciate Thrillist making a proper list, once and for all about "Why Michigan is Infinity Times Better Than Ohio".

The travel, food, and drink website explains the reason behind the list:

"The worst thing about Ohio being better than Michigan in football (for now!), is that it gives people the wrong idea about Ohio as a whole, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind everyone that the state a certain site that rhymes with “illest” recently called the 'Florida of the North,' and ranked 48th out of the 50 states, is still wayyyy worse than Michigan at almost everything else."

What reasons for the Mitten State's superiority over Ohio did Thrillist come up with?

  • Lake Michigan Sunset, Grand Haven
    Lake Michigan Sunset, Grand Haven

    Michigan kills it in the Great Lakes department

    We are, in fact the "Great Lakes State", we're surrounded by them, while Ohio just has Erie. Sorry, Erie. Not to mention Michigan's beaches, which are awesome in every way.

  • Joshua Lott/ Getty Images
    Joshua Lott/ Getty Images

    Michigan's music scene is superior

    Sure, Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-- to honor musicians from other places. Michigan is the birthplace of Techno, the Detroit garage sound, and Motown. Plus Michigan is home to artists ranging from Madonna and Eminem, to Bob Seger, Jack White, and Kid Rock.

  • Townsquare Media
    Townsquare Media

    Michigan is the also the "Great Beer State"

  • Gregory Shamus/ Getty Images
    Gregory Shamus/ Getty Images

    Michigan is for winners

    Detroit has been home to more championship winning teams than all of Ohio, which has major sports teams in three different cities. I mean, say what you will about the Lions, but at least they're not the Browns, right?

  • Danny Moloshok/ Getty Images
    Danny Moloshok/ Getty Images

    All of Ohio is back-up schools

    According to Thrillist:

    "The only people who go to Ohio State are the ones who didn't get into Michigan State. And the only people who go to Michigan State are the ones who didn't get into U of M. See how this works?"

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