I'm not big into horror movies. Haunted houses? No thanks. I'm a person who shrieks and gets startled by co-workers who sneak up on me (really they're just walking into a room or stopping to saying hi) about 500 times a day, so I don't need to actively seek out situations in which I'd be terrified.

Somehow though, there are some horror movies that I've accidentally watched. When I saw Buzfeed's 24 Perfectly Normal Things Horror Movies Have Ruined For All Of Us, it reminded me of all the irrational things I'm afraid of now because of horror movies.

1. Logging Trucks

Just the other day I was riding with a friend when we realized I was behind a truck carrying a crap ton of wood. We ceased speaking and I switched lanes as quickly as possible. "Final Destination 2", she whispered. And I nodded.

2. Corn Fields... and Children (3.) 

So technically this is two things... Children of the Corn may have been the first horror movie I ever watched. I was six and staying at a friend's house and apparently she had terrible parents who weren't supervising us. Kids playing in corn fields didn't sound so scary to me me. I was wrong. Corn fields = scary, murderous creepy kids = scarier.

4. Answering the Phone

I'm not a fan of talking on the phone anyway- (Who is? How many times a day do you see your phone ringing and swipe "ignore"? Exactly. "Oh sorry, I missed your call!" Lies, I was staring at my phone the whole time and just didn't want to talk to you.) - But I really wasn't after watching Scream.

5. Dolls

Last year someone suggested to me I watch the movie Annabelle. A) Have you met me?B) I've seen Child's Playand I'm all set on dolls.

6. My own Television

Now this was a real tragedy, as I dearly love TV. But after watching The Ring, I had to take a break from my television set for a while, as I was pretty darn sure a creepy demon girl was going to crawl out of it at any second.

What about you? What seemingly normal thing now freaks you out because of something you saw in a horror movie?

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