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Six Normal Things I'm Afraid of Because of Horror Movies
I'm not big into horror movies. Haunted houses? No thanks. I'm a person who shrieks and gets startled by co-workers who sneak up on me (really they're just walking into a room or stopping to saying hi) about 500 times a day, so I don't need to actively seek out situations in which I'd be terrified.
Getting Ready for the ‘Horror Movie’ Season!
It's October! Most likely the best month in the year! It's hoodie weather, I'm not sweating all of the time, pants are good, apple cider, bon fires, etc. What's the best thing about October though? Halloween! What's even better than Halloween?
Horror films!
Callie’s Horror Film Tribute
I love horror movies! I was scrolling through my facebook news feed and what do I see? Callie Cosplay has a new shoot up online and it's a horror film tribute! Callie teamed up with David Love Photography to create this incredible images! I am so jealous that I didn't think to do something…