This weekend was the first time my son and I experienced deer camp together.

I took Friday off so I could get some more bow hunting in before gun season kicked off on Sunday, November 15. Lucky for me, my son had Friday off too so I scooped him up from his mom's on Thursday evening.

This would give my son and I two days to bow hunt and one day to gun hunt.

Most people either have a cabin up north or camp out on some state land for their deer hunt but I live where people travel to hunt and fish so I basically live at deer camp year around.

My son is still to young to actually hunt archery or gun for whitetail deer but we still have a couple ground blinds set up so he and I can experience it together.

After the hunt on Friday morning and playing with the new black lab puppy, we decided at the last minute to try and get one more blind set up for gun season knowing it was going to rain.

We headed up to Big Rapids to get a stand that was on sale at Menard's but when we got there they were cleaned out and we just missed a shot at getting the display model but someone had already beaten us to the punch. So we hit up a couple more stores before settling on another ground blind. It wasn't very expensive and would serve the purpose we needed it for.

We used the blind to kind of set up a blocker blind to keep anyone from the neighboring property from trying to hunt that end of our cornfield. Plus, a lot of deer have been posting up there in the field so it had some potential.

My son and I saw deer every hunt but one and we had a lot of laughs along the way but he and I are looking to harvest the right deer so I guess we will try another day.

One of the great things about living at deer camp is in between hunts he and I could play with the dog, play some video games and share a lot of laughs together.

We may not have shot a deer but we sure made up for it in laughs.

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