While some of the snow has melted here in late February, cold still temperatures still ravage West Michigan, which means our roads are filled with two things Ice and Potholes.

Kent County tweeted out this morning that crews are monitoring riverside streets for flooding and will be conducting routine maintenance. They are asking that people to report their local road hazards.

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Potholes Equal Car Maintenance

Potholes form in the road after water freezes underneath it. Then the temperatures rise again, a space is left where the water was. Then that space will eventually collapse from the weight of traffic and leave behind the infamous Pothole.

Potholes do bad damage to your cars and tires. Patching or replacing tires can get expensive. So if you're looking for new tires here we have Yelp's best ten tire places in Grand Rapids. If you need help in fixing your flat, check out the video below.

How To Report a Pothole in Your Area

Kent Counties Road Commission is trying to get ahead on filling potholes, but they need the public's help. They are asking county residents to go to their website and report the issue.

Kent County Road Commission - Google Map
Kent County Road Commission - Google Map

Step one is to determine which jurisdiction you live in. Luckily their site has a search bar where you can enter your address or cross streets of your issue, and then the location will appear on the map. The colored sections will identify the city and village limits of your KCRC jurisdiction.

Step two is to report the issue to the KCRC. They'll have you fill out an online form where you'll determine the type of issue, input the address or cross streets of the issue, leave a description of the issue and your contact information. Then look forward to having your pothole filled.

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