They call me Metalhead Ned, which means that I listen to metal 24 hours a day right? That is true yes, but only partially. For me to only listen to ONE type of music doesn't allow me to expand my mind that much. Remember, I am quite the video game nerd. Today, I have been jamming out A LOT of piano music...specifically Nobuo Uematsu.

If you are ever looking for music to just enjoy, this is the music you need to listen too! Video game music? GEE NED, THAT'S NERDY AS 'EFF!

No way man, video game music has evolved beyond your wildest dreams in the past decade going from simple bleeps and bloops to full on amazing and beautiful pieces. I may listen to mostly metal, but I can get behind awesomely crafted melodies. Unless it's pop or rap...then I have a tendency to turn down the volume.

This is just my nerdy side comin' out...ENJOY DUDE!