Yesterday, I was pretty excited to see all of the great stuff that Microsoft had to show. It was very exciting to see all of the new technology, games, and Gears of War 4!

It's very rare when we get a re-imagining of a classic game. It worked incredibly well for the original Resident Evil!

It's been teased that the beloved Final Fantasy 7 would be given the same treatment, and the dream has become a reality.

When the PS3 was making it's launch, Square Enix insanely teased fans with a Final Fantasy 7 tech demo. It looked amazing and people wanted it!

I even stated at some point that the only reason that I would buy a PS3, is if Final Fantasy 7 was to be re-made. I since then have received a PS3, but no Final Fantasy 7.

Then it happened...

Last night during the E3 2015 Sony Press Conference. They showed a cute Final Fantasy game with some minor applause, and then quickly the screens went dark and what fans have been clamoring for finally came true.

You just saw it, and official confirmation of Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to Playstation 4...first! (Implying that it will be available for other consoles later on)

It floored me. I was like a big sports fan watching my favorite team getting a touch down in the Super Bowl!

There is no official release date yet and I am sure the production of this game will take a VERY long time to complete.

Lastly, the reactions of this trailer is crazy. Just watch GameTrailers' reaction.

You may be able to buy the original Final Fantasy 7 at The Gaming Warehouse! Give them a call and find out! Click the TGW logo below to find out more!


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