I don't really know who Nikki Glaser is, but I think I love her. She's put her friend under polygraph to ask them if they wanted to have sex with her, helped feed lines to porn stars for a hysterical sex scene, and now is sitting on a vibrator with another woman while getting coffee. What's more fun that watching women try to be normal while screaming "Theon Greyjoy! Theon Greyjoy!"

Watch the video to understand what that means. It's awesome.

And Nikki's absolutely adorable when she's...um...Theon Greyjoy-ing. Super hot.

If your boss isn't down with you watching two women sitting on vibrators talking about squirting, then you should probably just send yourself a link to this story, and come back to it after work.

It's a good thing the expensive coffee took so long to make, as it gives us more time to watch these ladies experience the vibrators longer. I'm taking notes.

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