I saw this story on WZZM and thought, man this is good to know because you start to wonder, are we woefully unprepared and we can't keep up with producing the stuff we need or are we just buying it all too quickly.

The answer is, we need to calm down.

The story on WZZM talked to a grocery store manager in California and he said that stores have the product in warehouses and distribution centers, they just don't have enough trucks to get all the products to the store as fast as we're all panic-buying.

“There’s plenty of food to go around, we got it here in the warehouse, we are trying to get it out to our stores and to our customers,” Vanessa Rosales, Food 4 Less director of corporate affairs said.


Rosales said the most popular items are toilet paper, milk, eggs, rice, and beans.

The big advice for shoppers from grocery managers in the WZZM story is to stop overbuying, there's enough food for everyone, it just may take a bit longer to get it to you.  Meaning you may have to venture to the store twice in one week.  Where else are you going?

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