The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show had listeners play a game called "Get Your Stuff Smashed for Stones Tickets."

The Rolling Stones are coming to Ford Field in Detroit November 15. This is a date that had to be rescheduled from last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

979 GRD was given a batch of tickets to give away to help promote the on sale of tickets for the Rolling Stones. Most listeners signed up on the GRP app to win tickets, but we gave a few pair to the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show to have some fun with.

A couple of weeks ago Free Beer & Hot Wings had a listener go to a bank drive-thru and had to call the show, then send their phone through the bank tube to the teller, who then began to give the person in their car instructions of what to do.

The trick was, the phone had to stay connected, the driver had to do what the teller told them, then the teller had to send the phone back through the bank tube and not hang up before getting back to the driver. One of the funniest moments was when Free Beer ask the teller to ask the driver of the vehicle if he would like her to hang up the phone. She then reported to Free Beer and Hot Wings the man was feverishly shaking his head no. All that being said, the phone made it back and the man won tickets to the Rolling Stones.

The Free Beer and Hot Wings show had 4 contestants come down to the station this morning and bring something of value that could be smashed with a giant sledge hammer.

The game, "Get Your Stuff Smashed for Stones Tickets" commenced at 10 a.m. Friday morning. One listener brought an acoustic bass guitar, another an RC car, another a PlayStation 4 and controller, and the last contestant brought 4 of his wife's dolls from her vintage doll collection. 

The premise of the contest was to guess heads or tails on a coin toss, if you guessed correctly, your stuff didn't get smashed and you moved on to the next round. If you guessed incorrectly, out comes the sledge hammer and boom, your stuff gets destroyed.

Without ruining the results of the contest, just watch the video below so you can see the whole contest:

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