Today on Segment 16, the guys got a letter from Kent County Jail, and ponder the lives of those in jail, as well as the possibility of doing their show live from the jail. Are they really big fans of the show, or is there one super big inmate that makes them listen?

There are some famous albums that have been recorded in jails...B.B. King's Live at Cook County Jail is but one. Great album.

The guys read a letter from a big fan, who discovered the show with his daughter when they moved here, and he's been a huge fan since. Now that he's spending some time in jail, he still listens every day, and says that a lot of the inmates are fans.

He's hoping to come to the Live at Night show in April, and he gets out just in time, by the end of March. Will they let him take his jail orange clothes with him, so he can wear them at the show?

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