Reason No. 47 why no one should live in Australia: You can wake up with a cockroach in your ear.

Hendrik Helmer, of Darwin, Australia, recently woke up with a horrible pain in his ear, 105.7 ABC Darwin reported.

At first, Helmer didn't think anything of it and simply went back to bed.

After waking up a second time, he realized that he had something in his ear and decided to do something about it.

His first solution was to grab a vacuum and try to suck out whatever was inside. Well, that failed; so Hendrick opted to try to drown whatever was in his head by pouring water in his ear. That also failed and caused the insect to burrow into his ear canal.

Eventually, Hendrick headed to the hospital, where the insect was removed from his head.

It ended up being a ¾-inch (2-centimeter) cockroach which tried to burrow into his brain.

Yeah, Australia.

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