Faygo lovers rejoice - the popular Michigan company is once again selling a soda flavor that has not been available in the Great Lakes State for 15 years.

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If you have been waiting for the return of Jazzin' Bluesberry Faygo to Michigan shelves, your wait is over. The beverage is available in 24-ounce bottles across the state. According to MLive, Jazzin' Bluesberry will be available for a few months - but not forever.

Whenever any type of food or beverage is only available for a limited time, the demand for it goes up. That is super smart marketing because people always want what they can't have. Oddly enough, people have been enjoying Jazzin' Bluesberry Faygo in the south even after it was pulled from Michigan stores.

Faygo pop flavors can be used as mixers with your favorite alcohol (Faygo Sangria) and used for baking and cooking. Did you know you can make Faygo Red Pop Cake Pops and use Faygo Cola to make sauces? It's true - check out how you can get funky with some fun Faygo recipes here.

If for some strange reason you cannot find Jazzin' Bluesberry at your local Michigan market - you can always order it on Amazon. What a time to be alive. You can order it right now and have it on your front porch by tomorrow morning.

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