Another one from the bar stool. This is the story of 64 year old creepy Dr Arie Oren from Pennsylvania. Dr Arie ran a weight loss clinic there. Fat chicks would come see him and he would recommend exercise and diet plans for them, an apparently he liked making sex with fat chicks too. Because between 2008 and a couple of month ago, Dr Arie made sex with 6 of his fat patients, and now their all suing his balls off!

The 6 patients that are suing him say it all started when he started rubbing them with an electronic massage thing, claiming it would break up some of their fatty tissue. However, he would also rub the massage thing on their breasts and “other private areas”, and if the chicks seemed into it, (and some did) he would then tell them that if they had sexual intercourse with him, they would burn 600 calories. And apparently a bunch of these fat chicks bought it, at least 6 anyway, and they all dropped their fat little panties and made the sex with Dr Arie! Finally one chick came forward and told cops she did it with her weight loss doctor because he said it would help her lose weight, but it didn’t.

And after that story came out, then the 5 other chubby chicks came forward and said “ I had fat sex with Dr. Arie too!” Girls, making sex does burn calories, but not 600 calories at once! The women Dr. Arie made sex with ranged in age for 24 to 59. I don’t know about you, but making sex with a fat chick to begin with sounds quite unpleasant to me, but how about sex with a 59 year old fat chick!? Yuk.