If there's one iconic action movie from the ’90s that never got the sequel it deserved, it's probably Face/Off. Nicolas Cage recently shared what a sequel, which has been rumored for years, could look like. While it’s not officially in the works or anything like that, it’s also not completely on the shelf. According to Cage, he’s had at least one relatively recent in-person meeting about a potential follow-up to the John Woo classic.

Face/Off, of course, follows Castor Troy and Sean Archer, played by Nicolas Cage and John Travolta respectively. They literally switch faces and use that to go into hiding as they play a game of cat-and-mouse with each other. There are a number of ways a writer could play around with this formula, and it sounds like Cage has a pretty good approach in mind.

A writer for Collider recently sat down with Cage, when the topic of conversation shifted over to a potential Face/Off 2. Cage continued to shine some light on how likely it is, and how it would play out.

I think Face/Off is a sequel that lends itself to a lot of twists and turns and unpredictability. It's almost like if you factor in the idea of offspring and Castor and Sean having children and these children grow up, then it becomes like three-dimensional chess, and then it's not just the two, John Travolta and myself, it's four of us ping-ponging and going at different levels, and it becomes even more complex. I think there's a lot of fertile ground there.

Additionally, Cage seems to think that Adam Wingard would make a good fit as director, sharing his admiration for Godzilla Vs. Kong and Wingard’s filmic sensibilities in general.

“He’s great, and I think we share similar tastes,” Cage added. “We have similar sensibilities. I liked everything he did with Godzilla vs. Kong and I think that he’s smart.”

Only time will tell if we ever get to see a face-off between Castor and Archer again, but it does seem like it’s a possibility.

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