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The Craziest Moments of Nicolas Cage
The first weekend of 2017 will also give us the first Nicolas Cage movie of 2017 (but by no means the last; according to IMDb, Cage will appear in at least five more films this year). It’s called Arsenal, and in most respects it is a fairly standard DTV crime thriller; Adrian Grenier and John…
'Left Behind' With Nic Cage: A Live Blog
Nic Cage is in a new movie that opened today called ‘Left Behind.’ There’s already a movie called ‘Left Behind’ that starred Kirk Cameron and this movie is probably a lot like that one, only Nic Cage is in it now. ‘Left Behind’ details the biblical ra…
Nicolas Cage Shows Off Sculpture by Jim Carrey
I just think Jim Carrey is so funny.
Nicolas Cage was on "The Tonight Show" the other night with Jimmy Fallon, and all of the sudden he pulls out a sculpture of himself done by Jim Carrey. It was so cute.
Check out the video below.