Today on Segment 16, the guys get ready for the announcement of the concerts at Meijer Gardens, one of their favorite days every year! They have so much fun, and they can't wait to get the list of shows.

The guys are really good at keeping secrets, and they wish people would trust them more when it comes to big announcements. They'd just like to prepare the show for it, but people seem to be afraid the guys will spill the beans. Hasn't happened...yet.

Then they guys check out a story looking into the alarms on Monday covering all of Kent county, for a small, localized tornado. A lot of people went into shelter for a tornado that was well over 30 miles away.

.01 percent of the county was at risk, but the alarms scared a lot more than that on Monday night.

Is there a way to localize the alarms? It's being looked into. They need to be brought up to date, they're really old.

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