If FOX 17's Erik Kostrzewa can make this horrific winter weather more entertaining, I'm on board.

Right about now is the time when Michigan's harsh winter weather can wear on my nerves a bit. I am NOT looking forward to this weekend's combo of harsh, bitter cold and lake effect snow.

But if the bad weather forces FOX 17's meteorologist Erik Kostrzewa to make a goofy weather video, it eases the sting just a little bit.

Kostrzewa loves to play around on social media, mostly with videos that make fun of the impending forecast.

Check out a couple from this week, one where he tries to build a giant wall to keep out those nasty northwest winds, and the other where a truck buries him under a literal mountain of snow. (SPOILER ALERT: it won't be that bad, but that makes his video even better).

I'm easily amused, aren't I? Yes, I am and I appreciate the effort to keep me amused, Erik.


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