I like doing #PeopleDoingGood stories because I think its way to easy to start thinking the world sucks.  As they always say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and negative news is pretty loud; and then just the day-to-day struggle it seems to be sometimes to stay positive and encouraged, I feel like we all need these reminders that people actually care about each other.

WZZM posted this story about a guy, Mike Good, who was flying from Nashville to Charlotte Thursday afternoon, after his business trip and just wanted to make it home for his twin daughter's father/daughter dance, but due to bad weather, flights were being delayed and canceled.

The story goes on to say that Mike finally got on an American Airlines flight that would put him into Charlotte around 7 pm, although that flight had him in the last row on the plane and he still had a little bit of a drive when he landed. So he was definitely worried about getting off the plane and to the dance in time.  During the flight, Mike happened to strike up a conversation with the flight attendant and told her about his plight, on his flight.  (Sorry I had to..)

Well as the WZZM story goes on, when the flight landed, the flight attendant made an announcement about Mike's predicament and had everyone wait so Mike could get off the flight first and get on his way.

I'm really impressed all the other passengers actually stayed seated because usually everyone is itching to get off the plane. I'll tell you, even as the person who finds these stories all the time, this one kinda moved me, only because I wouldn't have thought the other passengers or possibly event he flight attendant would care so much about him making a father/daughter dance, but they did.

Mike made it to the dance around 7:50 pm and his daughters were super excited as they didn't' think their dad would make it at all, according to the WZZM story.  You can see their picture HERE.

Faith in humanity renewed.

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