Eastern Michigan's Rynearson Stadium features a gray field color. And when the opposing team wears gray as well, it makes the EMU team look like a scene out of Pleasantville.

Pleasantville was a 1998 film where a brother and sister get trapped inside a 1950s TV show, which was in black and white. Whenever somebody did something against the strict codes of the town, they turned into color. Color became a bad thing.

Which takes us to Saturday's football game between Eastern and Buffalo. The gray field at EMU already makes the TV broadcast seem black and white, and when Buffalo donned their gray road uniforms, it made EMU look weirdly out of step with the black, white and gray world around them.

Now that artificial turf is becoming more and more common, many schools are coloring their turf different shades. While I'm all for most colors, the gray thing still weirds me out a little. Go Pleasantville!, um, er, I mean Eastern!



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