Holidays often bring lots of searches on the web, Thanksgiving is the next holiday, and there are a lot of embarrassing searches across the U.S. but what is Michigan's?

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Searching the Web

Anytime anything is coming up like a holiday there are a lot of weird searches that wind up being the top search of each state.

Some recent Halloween searches were about recipes like dirt pudding, drinks like Witches Brew, group costumes like dominos, and scary movies like the original 1979 Halloween. Thanksgiving is the next big holiday and almost every state has a top embarrassing web search.

Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving Web Searches For the United States

All of your harmless web searches are actually cataloged for data purposes. A company by the name of Zippia keeps track of Google searches all across the United States on what are the top searches. The most embarrassing searches for each state were compiled regarding Thanksgiving.

I am just going to run down what I feel are the top 5 embarrassing Google searches for Thanksgiving this year. If you want to see the whole 50 click here.

#5 Alaska

Alaska's top Thanksgiving search was for a divorce lawyer.

#4 Tennessee

The top Thanksgiving search in Tennessee was, "Can you cook a turkey in the microwave?"

#3 New York

The residents of the state of New York were searching leather for Thanksgiving. They must have some odd traditions to go with that leather.

#2 Wisconsin

The people of Wisconsin were doing their Thanksgiving search for "What does it mean if your poop is green?" Sounds like a Green Bay Packers fan problem right there.

#1 Indiana

The biggest day for plumbers in America is the day after Thanksgiving. Looks like the people of Indiana did their best not to call a plumber because their most embarrassing search was, "How to unclog a toilet without a plunger." Now there's a picture for you.

What Was Michigan's Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving Search?

The search most Michiganders made was, "How to treat food poisoning?" That does not say a lot about Grandma's cooking in the Mitten that's for sure.

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