Here is what NOT to do if you lock yourself out of your house. Well, first of all, you should probably have an extra key hidden somewhere around your house so you can get back in if you do lock yourself out. I don’t have one, but after hearing this story while drinking at the bar recently it was a good reminder, I really need to get one.

A 38 year old Pennsylvania chick accidentally locked herself out of her house, and she figured the best way to get back inside, was to set her house on fire, and then call the fire department, and then they would show up, put the fire out, and let her back inside! Seriously some dumb chicks really think, and do things like this! So she set the awning on the back of her house on fire and called 911. When firefighters showed up, and put the awning fire out, she calmly explained that she had locked her self out of her house and thanked them for putting out the fire, and asked if they could please let her back into her house.

But the fire fighters were not a bunch of idiots, instead of letting her back inside her house they called the sheriffs department, who arrested her for arson. Hahanaha! What a freaking idiot! How that woman really thought that was a good idea is beyond me, I guess the only explanation is, there are some really stupid people in this world!