I have seen well over 200 concerts, which means I have most likely seen every kind of fan out there.

Arena shows, club shows, outdoor shows, basement shows. etc. I have seen them all! Because I have attended so many shows, I have begun to see similar fans at every show.

Don't lie, you know you have seen at least one of these types at fans. That's not saying that we hate them, but you can't help but notice them when you are enjoying a show.

So hear is a quick list of my favorites.

  • 'King of the Pit' Dude

    The pit is always full of skinny guys violently hitting each other and flying into people that want nothing to do with the pit, why are they flying everywhere? Most likely cause they were pushed by 'King of the Pit' Dude.

    Usually this guy is super buff under a thick layer of fat, short stature, bald head, and backwards hat. He doesn't really move around a lot, he just kinda sits in the middle as people try to knock him over, but you can't because he's giant.

    Then when the King decides to do something, he shoves someone so hard that they end up falling every time.

    All hail the king....I guess.

  • 'Very Much Into It' Dude

    Nothing wrong with worshiping your favorite band, hell I dress up in KISS makeup every time KISS comes around. However, at a metal show there is always 'Very Much Into It' Dude.

    This guy usually ends up right behind you with his arms up, screaming louder than the guitar to the point you can't hear the music anymore. Before he ended up behind you, he just spent nearly 30 minutes in the pit, so he is a little sweaty.

    He then runs right into the back of you with his arms up, screaming loudly, and then you get...the wiff of pure body odor.

    Dude, don't forget the deodorant.

  • 'Throwdown Dance' Dude

    Please save your flailing arms and hat with a label still on it for your nearest screamo show.

    The moment you hit me in the face with your hand or you doing high kicks, I am throwing you to the ground.

    Everybody was kung-fu fighting!