A drug kingpin who was supplying heroin and cocaine to Grand Rapids, Indianapolis and Kansas was sentenced in federal court in GR and given 42 years in prison.

According to WOOD, Thursday, U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge announced that Alex Alberto Castro was sentenced to 42 year in prison for conspiring to distribute heroin and cocaine. 

Castro was a leader of an operation that was in California that was being distributed by cars and semi trucks that had custom made hidden compartments in them to hide the drugs. Castro employed several drivers and maintained the distribution network.

24 defendants were charged and convicted during this investigation and trial.

Federal and State investigators seized a variety of items that included $1.3 million in drug proceeds, 30 kilo's of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. Several pounds of marijuana, plus handguns and an assault rifle.

This bust won't solve the problem but it will surely have an effect on the drug community making it harder to find these types of drugs.


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