Monday night, October 24th, prog metal titans Dream Theater hit Devos for a special performance of their new album, The Astonishing, in its entirety. No opening act, just this massive prog epic, all the way through. Two-and-a-half hours of an immersive story, with some of the most talented musicians to walk the earth.

This show was even set up more like a stage production, or play, that a concert. There were programs handed out as you came in, people sat for most of the show, and there was no photography or video filming allowed.

I snuck some photos during the show, but saw a few people escorted out that were filming videos, so I held back from that.

This is the final run of dates of The Astonishing tour, and after this, if there's more touring, it'll be more standard concert style, with catalog stuff included.

It's cool to see shows that are different like this, and be able to just watch John Petrucci, John Myung, Jordan Rudess, Mike Mangini, and James LaBrie perform these complex songs. I definitely want a normal tour to follow, so we can see a lot of the catalog stuff, with some crazy playing.

Great band, cool show. I totally expect a Blu-Ray of this to come next year.

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