Down was expected to return in 2020 but the pandemic thwarted their touring plans. But it looks like the band is plotting something new during the downtime, with drummer Jimmy Bower revealing to Bravewords that a covers record is in the works.

“We’re supposed to do a covers record pretty soon, that’s the next thing. We haven’t figured out exactly when we’re going to do it, or completely what songs yet ... it’s just been an idea we’ve had forever," stated Bower. "I know that’s in the works. Down was scheduled to play some festival shows last summer in Europe, and they got cancelled. I think we’re booked again this summer, but it just depends you know.”

Speaking further about the covers record choices, Bower added, “I’m sure we have to collectively agree. There’s already been a bunch of songs thrown out, some really cool ones ... There’s definitely been some weird ones that I was like, ‘Wow, that would be killer!’ It’s going to be fun to do, to put our own take on ‘em. They’re not going to sound exactly like [you'd think]. We’ll put the Down take on it.”

The drummer revealed that the covers also might not be obvious choices. "That’s the idea, to be obscure about it. There’s a couple we decided on doing that I would think everybody would know, but then again you never know. Some of ‘em to me, are kind of obvious, just because I’m in the band. If you’re a true Down fan, you really know what we’re influenced by; some of ‘em will be no brainers. I’m excited to get working on that, it’s going to be really fun!”

No further details have been revealed as of yet so stay tuned to see what the group has in store.

Down's last studio release was 2014's Down IV - Part II EP. The group had mostly been inactive in the years since with the various members focusing on other projects, but with 2020 being the band's 25th anniversary, they regrouped last year with the intent of playing shows before the pandemic hit.

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