Phil Anselmo has been involved in quite a few metal projects since his time as the frontman of Pantera. He's currently on tour in Europe with the Illegals, but he "expects" that the supergroup Down will reunite for some shows in 2020 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their debut album Nola. As for Superjoint, Anselmo has no plans whatsoever.

"With Down, we've got the 25th anniversary coming up of Nola, so I would expect to do some gigs there," the frontman told Metal Underground. "But also it needs to be respected that Pepper [Keenan] is doing C.O.C., Jimmy's [Bower] really been doing a lot of Eyehategod as well and Kirk [Windstein] is doing Crowbar."

Anselmo does point out that he won't settle for a reunion with the stoner rock outfit without its original members. "If we do anything for the 25th anniversary...I want Kirk in the band. I don't wanna interrupt anybody's life. If we do something, it'll be a couple of shows here and there, maybe a special thing."

Fans of the singer's project Superjoint, however, may be disappointed to learn that Anselmo doesn't have much interest in continuing on with it. “I don’t really feel like doing Superjoint anymore," he admitted.

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