Dorothy is a great band from LA that has a new album called RockIsDead, and they've been touring the album pretty hard, including tours with Lita Ford and Halestorm this year! They hit the Intersection on Wednesday night for a free show, to introduce themselves to Grand Rapids.

Lots of people turned out for the show, which is great, and the band put on a great set for everyone. They had a lot of fun with their set, telling stories, messing with their tour manager (who's smoking hot), and getting some kids up on stage.

They like to mess with their tour manager Candace, and they tell everyone that she likes real men with beards, get her on stage to embarrass her, and have some fun. She takes it well.

They band also rocks, and has a lot of great songs. They'll be working on new music in about six weeks, for the follow up album due probably next year.