Two West Michigan women are being charged for sending random men to another woman's home looking for sex. Teresa from Grand Rapids, and Gwen from Wyoming, created an Ashley Madison profile for a Lowell woman, and sent random dudes over to her home for sex. And yes, this is illegal.

Apparently, Teresa and Gwen were pretty good at snagging some dudes on the cheater website, and directed the horny guys to the Lowell woman's home, surprising the hell out of her. Probably freaking her out, too.

It's probably weird enough for women to have guys they know trying to bang them, so it's got to be worse to have randos showing up with raging boners at your front door.

Okay, it might be funny, if it's a joke on one of your friends. But these two women were pissed off at the Lowell woman, thinking she had been sleeping with one of their husbands.

No one is telling if she actually is banging the husband, by the way.

Anyway, posting something online that harasses someone, or makes them feel threatened is against a 2001 state law, and people in Kent county have already been prosecuted for it. Teresa and Gwen are due in court, and could spend a couple years in jail for this.

Will they have internet access? If a suspected affair made them do this...what will actual incarceration get them to do? Tune in next week to find out! [INSERT DRAMATIC MUSIC HERE]