Does this guy have an understanding wife or what?

Twitter user @leetoplanding recently posted a photo of him wearing a Miami Dolphins helmet at his wedding.

High-five to his better half, who actually bought this for him and gave the okay to wear it on the big day. It takes a lot of confidence to let the groom upstage you at your own wedding, but she's cool with it. The headgear was the perfect complement for the cake topper the happy couple had, too.

It's pretty amazing to think that a Dolphins fan could have this level of passion. We're long past the glory days of Csonka, Shula, Marino and Taylor and the team has the horrible misfortune of sharing space in the AFC East with the Patriots, who seem to have an eternal lease on the first place penthouse, leaving everyone else scrambling for squatter's rights when it comes to the lower level wild card.

The Dolphins haven't hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy since Super Bowl VIII in 1974 and haven't even played in the NFL's marquis game since Super Bowl XIX in 1985. Heck, the team hasn't won a playoff game since the year 2000. But, hey, they still have fans like Lee cheering them on, so they've got that going for them.

We're confident this marriage will last, though. If he's able to stick with the Dolphins, then the whole "for better or worse" thing should be a breeze.

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