This morning on the show, we had the opportunity to talk to everyone's favorite Commie, Dolph Lundgren! Dolph is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Ivan Drago, the Soviet boxer that Rocky Balboa took on in Rocky IV. Dolph's current work includes the war thriller War Pigs, now available on Blu-Ray combo.

We told Dolph that, despite all of his other work, we still blur the lines between him and his Rocky character, Ivan Drago. That is partly due to the fact that he's still in crazy good shape at age 58. We joked with him that if this whole movie career doesn't work out, he always has his career as a chemical engineer to fall back on, which is 100% true!

You can follow Dolph on Twitter @Dolph_Lundgren and check out his website here.

Check out the interview below if you missed it!

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