A dog has been shot and killed in Berrien County, Michigan, and police are searching for two men.

According to WOOD, police were called after gunshots rang out before 3 p.m. Wednesday. The incident took place at the Blossom Acres apartments located on Concord Road in Benton Township.

When the police arrived at the scene they found a dog that was shot but unfortunately died later from its wounds. Police did some investigating and found that after the dog was shot, more shots had been fired between two suspects.

When officers arrived at the location, the suspects had already fled the scene. Police believe no one was hurt from the other shots that took place.

Police are still looking for the two men and are unclear on what led to the dog being shot in the first place.

If you know anything about this case or someone who does, police ask that you call 269-925-1135.

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