The NEW Five Finger Death Punch album has been unleashed unto the masses, and it turns out the Ivan Moody and the guys want to let you know about America! Is this latest Five Finger Death Punch album worth your time? Or should you just slide this one into the clearance section?

If you wanted a new mixture of Five Finger Death Punch, then this is the album that you wanted. The title track of the album makes you want to run with the bulls! It's hard drivin' heavy metal right through the gate, and continues right to their single "Under and Over It," which kicks so much a__, it would kill Country music.

This album, they really focused on lyrics and getting the point of the 'American Capitlist' across. The track "The Pride," is actually quite humorous to listen too. It's like a ' metal version' of 'We Didn't Start The Fire' by that Billie Joel dude from the 80's, but way better.

"Remember Everything" is kind of like the 'ballad' of the album, which may turn off hardcore metal heads that still wish Ivan was back  in MotoGrater. Good song though.

Lastly, you can tell they still know how to create a mosh pit with some heavy s___ on this album. So don't worry, the metal is still there. Like it was on their past albums!

The album is pretty bad a__, and worth the wait. So if you haven't already, be sure to check it out. It's a Five Finger Death Punch album that has something for everyone.

Just FYI though, Five Finger Death Punch is not meant for little b______!

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