The marketing campaign for Deadpool has been stellar. They've knocked it out of the park, advertising-wise, with the Valentine's romantic ads, and all the viral silliness. Even Ryan Reynold's IKEA video makes sense when you see the movie. Most movies can't live up to the hype-up, but Deadpool not only lives up to it, but exceeds expectations.

Simple instructions: Go withdraw all your money from the bank, and spend it all on this movie.

It's that good.

From the opening credits, you know this movie is going to take the piss out of all other superhero movies, and has jabs at all of them, in a fun, hysterical way. You really need to be on your toes to catch all the spoken and visual references to other movies.

This movie, and character, not only break the fourth wall, but also lives both in the Marvel world and in ours, all at the same time. There are pokes at the actors behind the characters, references to the movies both as canon and as movies.

The action is all there, so don't think this is just a silly comedy with a dude in a costume. The action is fantastic, punctuated by some of the best comedy writing around. So you have the intensity of a Marvel action film, with the great comedy writing of some of the best comedies ever made.

Warning: You WILL miss dialog on your first watching, as you'll be laughing so hard at things shown and said, that you won't hear some of what comes next. Sort of like the first time you watched There's Something About Mary.

The story is simple, which let's the writing and comedy really shine here, since they weren't bogged down trying to fit in a lot of exposition and plot twists, and didn't over-complicate everything.

Is this movie for kids? F*** no! There's a LOT of swearing, a LOT of blood, and some sexy-sex.

My rating? Could be the best Marvel film EVER!

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