Today the Michigan DNR announced that most Michigan Hunters for the 2021 season will NOT need to apply for an antlerless license as in years past. The introduction of the 'Universal Antlerless License' will allow hunters to harvest does and antlerless males across nearly the entire state this season.

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In prior years antlerless tags were often awarded as part of a lottery run by the DNR. The lottery was based on your preferred hunting location and whether or not you were hunting on private or public land. This would often require hunters that hunt different areas of the state to apply for multiple licenses, with no guarantee they would even get them.

Now for most deer hunters, a universal antlerless license is all that will be needed to hunt antlerless deer. This license is valid on public and private lands in all deer seasons. It can be used across deer management units open to antlerless deer hunting.

Most deer hunters will not need to apply for an antlerless license. Hunters in specific areas may need to apply for an access permit.

Select hunters will need to apply for an access permit to hunt deer in certain areas of the Upper Peninsula and in reserved deer hunts at the Sharonville State Game Area, Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, Shiawassee River National Wildlife Refuge and Shiawassee River State Game Area.

In the Upper Peninsula, new deer management units 351 and 352 will require an access permit and a universal antlerless license to hunt antlerless deer. Both are required for each deer harvested.

For more info on the new rules and to apply for the access permits, you can visit the State Of Michigan DNR E-License website:

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