It turns out it wasn't so much the twerking that got our fair lady in trouble as much as the other things going on in her car.

A DNR Officer Made The Arrest Of Twerking Woman

The incident occurred on Belle Isle in Detroit, when a DNR officer, David Schaumburger was on patrol and saw something odd in the rear view mirror of his vehicle, according to MLive. A woman was twerking on the dashboard of the car immediately behind Schaumburger's.

Here's where I need to be very clear about something. Twerking in your car is NOT ILLEGAL. But not wearing a seat belt in the front passenger seat IS, so Schaumberger pulled the vehicle over.

And that's where the big time infraction was: the car was chock full of plastic cups full of liquor. Most notably, tequila. This is an affront to several state and local laws, and so the twerker and her driver friend were cuffed and booked, ending the mobile fun zone.

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Public Reaction Was Predictable: Let The Woman Twerk

The strange story made its way to the pages of FARK, a web site where free expression is the name of the game, and commenters were deeply concerned about what became of the twerking park goer.

Big Max noted:

I thought this was America. I thought this was the Motor City. I thought this was summertime.

We have the right ... nay, we have the duty ... to twerk on the dashboards of moving vehicles on Belle Isle.

InfoFreako asked the obvious question:

How the hell do you twerk on a dashboard? Is she 3 inches tall?

Maybe the grammar in the article needed to be cleared up thought misanthropicsob:

Ohhhhh, the woman was twerking at the dashboard. Let ye who has not taken their seatbelt off to rummage in the backseat for a fallen item that rolled all the way to the back cast the first stone.

grokca was concerned for other rights, like those established by Lionel Ritchie:

Dancing on the ceiling still ok?

The "ballet" performances women across the Detroit River in Canada were brought up by Naido:

Isn't this why people traditionally go to Windsor?

Solty Dog weighed in with other car activities:

Is cartwheeling between two Jaguars still allowed?

One thing I'm sure of -- if the driver had a plastic Jesus on the dash, this wouldn't have happened. Am I right?

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