Dick’s Sporting Goods announced this week they’re going to quit selling hunting rifles at 125 of their stores before 2019 is over.

According to WZZM 13, the decision came after testing out the removal of the “hunt” section in 10 stores.  That test came back with positive results so the company now says stores that have underperforming sales in the “hunt” category will start phasing out the category for a “more compelling assortment” of items as the story calls it.

Back in April 2018, the company made news when they quit selling and destroyed assault-style firearms from their stores instead of sending them back to the manufacturers.

Dick’s says that while all items related to hunting will be removed, they will still have plenty of “outdoor” equipment for fishing, camping or kayaking.

If right now you’re thinking that this will do Dick’s in, don’t be so sure.  WZZM13 reports that while sales were down since the sporting goods store restricted gun sales, shopping traffic went up in the 10 stores that have done away with the “hunt” category in the store.

source: WZZM 13



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