Javier Baez is giving back to the people of his home country, providing free food to anyone in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Fiona.

Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Puerto Rico on Sunday, knocking out power to the entire island and leaving most of its residents without water. Puerto Rico's governor says that it may take several days for crews to restore power to the island.

Javier Baez to the Rescue

Baez, a native Puerto Rican who joined the Detroit Tigers' roster at the end of 2021 is pledging to help residents of the devastated island by providing free meals to those in need.

Baez made the announcement on social media yesterday (9/19).

"All those families who are in need of a hot meal can stop by @taquizapr in Toa Baja," tBaez said, "and we will serve it to you for FREE!!"

Baez pledged his support to his fellow Puerto Ricans, saying, "I'm with you."

"If your community is affected and you're in need of hot meal, you can call 787-665-2323 (Joshua) or stop by @taquizapr and we will make all the arrangements. Blessings to all of you!" he said. "I know we're going through something very difficult. I'm with you."


Fiona's Devastation Continues

According to the Associated Press, Hurricane Fiona dumped more rain on the already devastated island Monday. National Guard troops have been rescuing hundreds of people who were stranded in the aftermath.

The Hurricane made landfall nearly five years after Hurricane Maria killed nearly 3,000 people in 2017. The effects of Maria had a lasting impact on Puerto Rico's power grid.

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