The overnight news anchor for WWJ radio in Detroit was found dead earlier today. Police believe Jim Matthews was murdered and the man they believe to be responsible has been hospitalized.

WWJ made the announcement late today (9/23), saying, "There have been many tears shed in our newsroom this afternoon."

One Dead, Four Hospitalized After Attack

According to Detroit's WJBK-TV, police were called to a domestic situation in Chesterfield Township earlier today.

Inside the home, they found 57-year-old Jim Matthews who had been stabbed to death. A 10-year-old boy, believed to be Matthews' son was found tied up in a closet, suffering from traumatic injuries to his head. The suspected killer was found in the home's basement.

As police arrived at the home, they found a woman and a five-year-old girl who had escaped from the home. Both were covered in blood. They are believed to be Matthews' girlfriend and daughter.

The three victims and the suspect are all being treated at a local hospital in the Detroit area.

Beloved Anchor's Death Leaves Newsroom in Shock

Matthews had been with the Detroit radio outlet for seven years. His death leaves his coworkers and friends in shock.

Sandra McNeill also works for WWJ radio. She spoke highly of Matthews in a tribute on Facebook.

"So devastating," McNeill said. "Above all, Jim was a hard worker and a great dad.  He got off work at 5 am - and wouldn't go to bed until he saw his kids off to school."

She went on to say that she believes Matthews fought his attacker until the end "because Jim loved those kids so much."

Our thoughts are with Jim's family and coworkers as they navigate this horrific tragedy.

Listen to WWJ's tribute to Matthews in the audio player below.

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