I have interviewed a number of metal artist such as Phillip Anselmo, John Campbell, Oderus Urungus, etc. Then I heard Dethklok was coming to town and the band is fronted by a multi-talented individual. This person has been a part of my life for years! From Home Movies to Metalocalypse, Brendon Small has entertained fans for years. Then I got the opportunity to meet him...and it was...BRUTAL!

When I first jumped onto his tour bus, I was very graceful...how? Well, I tripped and fell into the drivers seat of the tour bus...first impressions are everything right? I looked like a jackass, so that pumped up my adrenaline. Nerves were racking, my recording equipment wasn't fully charged...and then Brendon said, "Just relax man, you'll be fine." I look back now and laugh.

How is the tour going man?

"Well it started a little slowly because of hurricane Sandy, so we had to reschedule those shows. So we had to wait in a hotel room for this storm to pass. So I got a lot of reading done. I have been reading a couple books at the same time, and they are a lot of good gems in these places. Now we are on the road! I've got an amazing crew and an amazing group of musicians I play with that just don't make mistakes, they are just monsters. It's been really smooth and show have been great so far. We are spoiled rotten with these amazing audiences, they have been topping each other each show and it keeps getting better and better."

In a previous interview you stated that "Dethklok will continue, but Metalocalypse will eventually end." Do you have any idea when that may or may not happen?

"No, I don't have any, well, I have a certain amount of story that I want to tell at some point. I think that it's important to end your show. Otherwise you are just vamping, there is so much other stuff that I want to do with comedy, acting, and other stuff that doesn't have anything to do with Metalocalypse. I think it would be cool if the music kept on going. You know maybe the show can keep on going, maybe I won't be a big part of it. It defiantly takes up your whole thing, it's very consuming."

Mark Hammill recently, cause obviously he is a big part of the show stated that "Season 5 of Metalocalypse is currently in production," is that true?

"No, it's not true. I like that he said that though. I love Mark Hammill, he is awesome, but it is not currently in production. Right now what I am doing is touring. I was in production and touring at the same time, but it was just to much work. I reached the point where I said, this is a full time job touring. We do have another installment in the works, but I can't talk to much about it."

What's next in the world of Brendon Small?

"That's a good question. I don't know how I am going to top what I have done musically. Getting Gibson to put out a Dethklok guitar, which is pretty amazing and I play it live. We even have a new one that I am also playing a prototype. You will see it at the top of the show. So if you want to see it, come out to the Dethklok show. I have a worlds only prototype, that will be on the market soon. The next thing I want do is going to be completely different from Metalocalypse. It is going to be a live action project, and I will be acting in it. It will probably be a tribute to my favorite TV that I grew up with, and that will be my next project."

Brendon also states how each on of the Metalocalypse band members were created. Want to know how? Watch below!