A sign of things trying to return to pre-pandemic normal, Delta says May 1st they’ll start selling middle seats on their flights, WZZM reports.

This is significant since they are the last US airline to still be doing this pandemic move.

Last spring as the pandemic really kicked in, all the major airlines in the United States started blocking the middle seat so the passengers would have extra space for social distancing while they were traveling. Delta as WZZM says is the last of those airlines that have still been blocking out the middle seat but the CEO of Delta recently said that they’re expecting 65% of their passengers who flew Delta in 2019 to be vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by that May 1 start date.

I wonder how he got that info from people who traveled in 2019. Did they really call or email passengers and ask or is this an arbitrary fact? Hmmm.  Truth is, around the country vaccine numbers are growing greatly, so this return now makes sense.

In the middle seat announcement, WZZM says Delta also said they’d also be re-introducing in-flight snacks and beverages. That will actually start on April 14.

Quick interesting stats from the WZZM story,  American Airlines reported on Monday that their bookings are back to nearly pre-pandemic levels. Proving that people are feeling safer with the vaccines, although public health officials still warn that we are in a pandemic.

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